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Cyclist mending a puncture in an open field

Introducing Fixit! Basic bike maintenance for everyone

Introducing a series of evening basic bike maintenance sessions.

Cycling is great, we all know this, whizzing along the roads or bridleways enjoying the exercise and fresh air but a bike is a machine and they do go wrong, normally when you're miles from home and the dark clouds are brewing.

Thankfully, bikes are fairly basic machines and there is a lot even the most cack-handed can do to prevent things going wrong when out and be able to get back on in a saddle should things go awry during a ride - at least get you home before it starts to rain!

I’ve put together a simple evening session covering the essential bike upkeep that everyone ought to do with demonstrations and plenty of opportunities to have a go yourself. 

So, what should every cyclist be able to do?

  • Check your bike before setting off, simple common-sense stuff that's preventive medicine for your bike.
  • Fix a puncture, everyone will get one sooner or later and with a little bit of know-how, you can fix them easily and get back on your way.
  • Adjust brakes, setting without working brakes is just, well, plain bonkers. 
  • Clean and oil your chain, this makes the bike go faster and reduces wear and tear saving you money as well as effort!

Sounds complicated? 

Join one of our evening sessions, get loads of practical advice, demonstrations and time to practise on your own bike. 


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