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Get the family out on their bikes this summer

Get the family out on their bikes this summer

Unforgettable days out on bikes for all the family this these summer holidays.

Simple old fashioned adventures outside for everyone aged 12 or older.

Explore, discover, learn new skills or just challenge yourselves, you can always have fun when out and about on bike. 

'I'd love to' I hear you say, 'but I'm in the middle of London, the roads are so busy and dangerous, I can't fit everyone's bike in the back of a car, its all such a palava anyway AND where can we go? I've done the local park to death'

Err, actually, no and here are some ideas for a great family days out that start outside your door and utilise London's network of traffic free cycle routes, quiet roads and bridleways for a relaxed, fun adventure that you'll all remember for a very long time. 

My most favourite urban route, Tidal Time Traveller, starting from outside Wapping Overground (I love the Overground, goes everywhere, takes bikes for free after 9.30am and is simple to use) it's a pan flat, traffic free adventure with something unexpected at every corner. If you don't have a bike - use a Boris bike!

Ride the MTB trails at the Velopark and I’ll coach you over the tricky bits, cruise some floating boardwalk and then race down the helter-skelter cycle route, see the gallows where the last pirate in London was hung, go plane spotting, across the Thames on a cable car, jump the Meridian line or savour the excitement of Greenwich, even, learn to ride up and down steps and we can add some urban ‘bike’cour well, sounds fun?

Want to get to the countryside?

Have a look at any of our Green or Blue  rides, they all start from either Crystal Palace or Clapham Common (again both easily accessible on my fav Overground)  these can be modified to ‘come across’ streams that need riding through, swings that are begging to be swung on, tricky steep challengingly hills that need racing down, drop offs and rocks that are crying out to be jumped. If you know where to look the local woods are packed with things to do and try out. Brings the child out in everyone!

Simple to organise, choose a day, tell me what you'd like to do and the rider's ability and I'll recommend a route - it's that simple! 

Max group size is 8 riders, ideal for 2 families or a party of youngsters, the minimum is 4 riders, one of which must be a parent or guardian. There’s a minimum charge of £100 for the day which covers the first 4 riders, each subsequent cyclist (adult/youth) is charged £20 per person.

Sounds fun? Let’s make this happen! Contact me.

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