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London Orbital Gravel Challenge

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Gravel|Cyclocross | MTB bikes | 360 km Gravel Challenge

So here’s the challenge, cycle 360 km around London on bridle and byways in 24 hours. 

Don’t underestimate LOGC, it’s one of the toughest rides I know, out of over 40 starters last year only one person completed the challenge - me!

There are 4400 metres of climbing spread over 30 climbs, the routing app reckons you’ll burn over 10,000 kcals - all of this and you’re never more than 25 miles from the centre of London. 

Starting at stupid o’clock in the morning at Greenwich, ride out along the Thames before climbing the North Downs and then on to the unexpectedly lumpy Greensand Ridge, by lunch you should be beyond Reigate... 

Drop down into Guildford, across the Surrey heathlands, heading for tea in Maidenhead, dinner in the Chilterns before riding across the top of London overnight, Experience dawn breaking through Epping Forest, and if you get back to Greenwich within the 24 hours, you’re a frigging awesome! 

If this all sounds like far too much, you can enter the 100, 140 or 180 km day enduros and enjoy some of the best gravel riding in the Southeast. 

All efforts are timed and the results will be posted live on the Hidden Tracks website.

Pick your challenge!

Full 360 km Challenge 

24-hour Solo Challenge 

Ride the entire 360 km round trip within 24 hours, this is as simple as it gets - just enter, turn up, go and keep on going until you stop - preferably where you started. 

24-hour Pairs Challenge 

Everything is easier if done together, ride as a pair and together you'll complete the 360 km round trip within 24 hours and save £10 on the joint entry fee.

24-hour Team Challenge

Gather a team of friends or colleagues, riding as a team you’ll egg each other on, together you’re stronger, a finish is almost guaranteed! 

Weekend/Bikepacking Challenge

Ride the entire 360 km within the weekend, you need to find your own BnB/campsite/hedgerow to stay in. It's perfectly possible to ride into the evening, catch a train home and return the next day to continue. 


100km Enduro 

A straightforward day, riding the first 100 km of the route, conveniently bringing you to Reigate where you can catch a train home. 

140km Enduro 

A longer day, riding the first 140 km of the route, which will conveniently bring you to Guildford. 

180km Enduro 

It's a long day, 180 km of riding half the route from Greenwich to Maidenhead.  


Meeting times and places 

Start: Outside the gates of the Old Royal Naval College Greenwich, Park Row,  SE10 (NN 

Time: 5:00 am 

Ride Details 

Full 360 km 

Distance: 360 km | 220 miles 

Climb: 4200m | 13500ft 

Percentage Off-road: 90%

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is this ride for me? 

There's nothing too technical in the routes, these are endurance riding challenges, so pick your challenge to suit you - obvs!

However, to enjoy the rides you have to have reasonable fitness and some off-road experience.

You need to be an experienced rider to complete the 24-hour challenges. 

Finally - if it all goes pear-shaped, you are never more than 5 miles away from a railway station with frequent trains back to London 

Is my bike OK for this ride? 

The route is best completed on the gravel/CX or mountain bike.

Is the ride supported? 

No, this is a self-supported ride, you need to ensure your bike is in good condition before setting off. 

How does the timing work? 

There will be QR codes posted at the start/finish and around the course, when you pass each one you zap it with your smartphone, and the results are automatically updated on the Hidden Tracks website 

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