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Mountain bike rider on a wooden trail

What are skills days?

Loads of cyclists are discovering the joys of riding off-road, it’s the exhilaration of conquering the trails, the lack of traffic and the chance of exploring new things in a well-known zone.

However, cycling off-road can be a load more challenging than riding on tarmac, it certainly requires more effort mile per mile and with all the lumps and bumps can be far tougher on your body and bike. Regardless of what bike you’re riding, whether it’s a off-road one or your battered old commuting hybrid riding off-road does require mastering a new set of skills, especially if you’re considering doing one of those multiday adventures to Timbuktu and back.

Learning the techniques is one thing, having the confidence to use them is another and far more intangible barrier to overcome. 

The skills days combine these 2 aspects, for example, we’ll stop near a short hill, the techniques will be explained and demonstrated before it's your turn to have a go. With several tries and loads of feedback, your confidence grows and you’ll want to start tackling the increasingly challenging options nearby.

With a pub stop for lunch, these days are relaxed riding, the emphasis is on building skills and confidence rather than doing a lot of miles. By the end of the day, it's gratifying to see riders tackling trails that would have seemed impossible to them only that very morning!

Gather a group of up to 8 friends or colleagues, email me and let's make this happen! 

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