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Canary Wharf fro tidal Time Traveller Bike ride- one of the best bike rides in London

Unbelievable! 20 miles off-road on the best bike route around London.

One of the great pleasures in this job is to see other people, particularly those for whom cycling is not a passion, just having a great time on their bike and really enjoying themselves. 

'After so long being cooped up inside, it feels almost weird to have the freedom to go out wherever we want and, oh my goodness, even to plan ahead to do things at the weekend.  Time indeed seems to speed up when you have the same view, day after day doing the same thing blurs into a soup of forgetfulness.  However, just having a change of scene can feel like a mini-holiday in a day.  Yes, it’s time to restart the engine, shift into a higher gear and take the plunge; and there’s no better way to recharge the batteries than a guided traffic-free bike ride around London.

Last week a few of us signed up for the easy bike ride called ‘The Tidal Time Traveller’ which is an incredibly relaxing way to cycle London, being guided along from start to finish.  Amazing really that you can ride for 20 miles or so, from Wapping, all around the East End along the river and back to finish in Peckham on every kind of track other than a road with cars.  We travelled along canals and streams, besides massive docks and the river Thames, we even took the cable car over the Thames, but seldom along a road. 

I’ve lived in London all my life and yet only been to one or two of the places we went with Charlie on this ride.  Sign up today, any type of bike will do and you’ll have a grand day out.'

Sarah Style


It was a grand day out, I love this ride, The Tidal Time Traveller , there are so many amazinging sites packed into the 20 miles, its not a bike ride, more a gentle meander discovering things you never knew existed in your home town. 

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