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Cycle into another world...

Cycle into another world...

It’s incredible, only 20 minutes by train out of London and straight away you’re being guided by bike off-road on traffic-free bridleways and tracks. Old boneshakers, hybrids and off-road bikes, all are fine, even on the slightly muddy paths this time of year.

So, welcome to the green open grasslands of Happy Valley, a cacophony of birdsong, wooded tracks springing into life and … Llamas! Yup, didn’t see that one coming, alpacas too. Then a 12th century medieval mural in an 11th-century church, showing devils, demons and all manner of scary things; what looks like Rapunzel's Tower, followed by a farmhouse garden that looks more like a burial ground for planes and helicopters. Frankly, hard to know what might be round the next corner!


In the space of six hours door to door, you’ll feel like you’ve been on a mini-holiday, diverted, thoroughly exercised and amazed at what a different world there is so close to home.

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