Get ready for Cyclocross - new skill sessions this Autumn

Come on Out!

10 good reasons to join us

1.      Get outside (at last) and enjoy the countryside.

2.      No traffic, we’ll be off-road for most of the ride ... all that clean fresh air!

3.      Get fit, look younger and live longer … err almost all true!

4.      Don't get lost and end up in a ditch, all our routes are fully tested and the leader knows where they’re going.

5.      Puncture or break down? No problem, there's help to get you back on the go in no time.

6.      Meet new cycling friends.

7.      Hidden surprises, you'll discover places you never imagined were on your doorstep.

8.      Learn new cycling skills ... the ride leaders are very experienced off-road cyclists, eager to share hints, tips and encouragement.

9.      Think you're too slow? Don’t worry, we won’t abandon you to the wild animals …. we get everyone safely back!

10.  Food, glorious - on the Green and Blue rides, try our famous home-made fudge and flapjacks.

You will be in good hands, whoever is leading your ride, Founder, Charlie has coached, ridden or raced with all the ride leaders for many years. They know the local area and the cycling world like the backs of their hands.

All our rides are run according to British Cycling Guidelines: the routes are tested and risk assessed, and we carry out bike and helmet safety checks before starting. Our ride leaders are experienced off-road cyclists. They have been trained by and are insured with British Cycling, and have full DBS certification.

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